dark obsession: dw-8200bk-1jf real black frogman

the “real black” series has always been sought after and elusive. strangely, the real black frogman dw-8200bk-1jf has turned up in online auctions steadily in the past one year that i’ve been tracking the price of the watch. spare bezels and straps are also relatively easy to find.

an acquaintance recently asked me what is the cheapest frogman he can buy. i told him there is no such thing as a “cheap frogman”. there is a dynamic reseller market. and one has to factor in the “limited release” mentality casio and its marketing/branding partners have adopted time and again.

a rrp of 300usd used to be the norm for the most part of 2008 for a 25th anniversary edition frogman. the ante was raised last week when the lrg frogman was launched at 600usd. so is 300usd the new cheap?

i bought my used dw-8200bk-1jf for less than 300usd and i should probably consider it the steal of the year. that’s the exciting part of collecting anything; hunting for the right piece and paying a good price.

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~ by sgshock on December 23, 2008.

5 Responses to “dark obsession: dw-8200bk-1jf real black frogman”

  1. hello…,
    i’m new to g-shock, though have had casio watches since uni (it was the one with tortoise game). thanks for this great blog.
    i wonder if you can advise where in bencoleen can i get g-shock? i went there, walked around but didn’t find many shops with good collection. thanks.

  2. […] from the single picture, it seems this model will have a reversed display (the first for any frogman) and red tint ala the real black frogman dw-8200bk-1jf. […]

  3. do u have any clue on where i could get the dw8200 bk1 jf? its almost impossible to find one now..

  4. where can i buy one

  5. I’m interested to buy one too. Please let me know when someone want to sell. Thankyou

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