real black vs men in rusty black part iii

the third installment of the real black vs men in rusty black pictorial comparision features my favourite g-shock.

as mentioned  numerous times previously in this blog, the dw-8400 is one of my favourite g-shock designs. on the other hand,  the updated g-9000 new generation mudman is a very popular model among collectors and someone looking for an utilitarian but cool-looking watch (there is a third incarnation in the form of the gw-9010 rally mudman which i vowed never to touch…).

so here’s the men in rusty black g-9000ms-1jf and the real black dw-8400bk-1mjf:


~ by sgshock on April 16, 2009.

8 Responses to “real black vs men in rusty black part iii”

  1. No question that the 8400 wins out! Even you seem to agree by the way you’ve shunted the G-9000 to the back in a couple of your shots! I’ve always preferred the 8400 to be honest, but I’ve now given up the ghost and ordered a MIRB G-9000. I think it’s probably the best of the new Mudman series.

  2. hi there, you really have an amazing blog and now you made me looking for these watches all over the place. May I know how much does the men in rusty black g-9000ms-1jf and the real black dw-8400bk-1mjf cost? I really like the model and it will be nice if you can share about the details (e.g : the price and where can i buy them in SG). Thanks alot!

  3. Hi Caracoleo,

    can’t go wrong with a 8400. and yes get that g-9000ms. however, i would have preferred the backlight red instead of blue.

    Hi Bes,

    the g-9000ms is still available in singapore. rrp is 152sgd at g-factory. i got mine for 110sgd at 3d in the bencoolen.

    as for the real black dw-8400, it’s a rare piece these days. even in yahoo japan.

  4. Hello,
    Need some help from a g-shock expert.
    I’m a bit puzzled here. I’ve just bid on a g-9000ms-1 on ebay. Is the g-9000ms-1jf and g-9000ms-1/g-9000ms-1dr the same watch? They look exactly the same. Are they just different model numbers depending where they are being sold? Hope u can explain further.

    • They seem to be the same watch. Perhaps the -1jf is an extension for Japan released models, and the -1dr is for American releases. Someone out there could clarify.
      If not they certainly will be able to help you on the Casio Watchuseek forum. Just Google it.

  5. yes they are definitely the same models.

    this has been brought up numerous times in the forums and i think it’s certain that the “1jr and 1jf” releases denote japanese domestic releases.

    the only differences between such models are the packaging and the hang-tag.

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  7. where to get dw-8400bk. i stay in singapore. if possible do drop me a msg at my Handphone 91144181. i would like to purchase 1 of it on the coming 22th jan

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