x-treme g-lide: dwx-111bd-8t willy santos

the dwx-111bd-8t is my only g-shock with the g-lide label. i think traditionally, g-lide models are associated with xtreme sports such as surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding.

the most recent gls-5600 and glx-5600 collab models all feature tide and moon graphs as well.

the first dwx-1xx g-lide was introduced in october 1998 and almost all of them came in sporty colours. according to g-shock perfect search, 39 models were released. some models also came with cloth straps other than resin.

besides the standard models, there were various collaboration special editions.

the dwx-111bd willy santos is part of a series of three special editions released in september 1999, each honouring a professional skateboarder. the two other g-lides in the series are: dw-111bd-4at steve caballero and dw-111bd-4bt omar hassan.

there are various design details in this series. all sport customised logos in the backlight. sadly, the light in this piece is spoilt and will cost 50sgd to fix at marco marketing.

the same logo is also printed on the watch band while the skateboarder’s signature is featured on the caseback.


~ by sgshock on April 19, 2009.

2 Responses to “x-treme g-lide: dwx-111bd-8t willy santos”

  1. Hello Dave,

    Great watch. I have the Steve Caballero version. I was planning to do an article later this year about that one, maybe as part of a skateboarders series. It is sad to hear about the EL backlight.



  2. I think the character on the strap of this one looks like a running version of the Saint symbol from that hit TV series The Saint from the 1960’s starring Roger Moore. Look:


    Cool Watch!

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