green g-lide glx-5600a-3jf

one of the latest incarnation of the classic square 5600 series is the g-lide series first launched in the middle of 2008. this is a totally new watch containing a module that features a tide graph and moon phase indicator more commonly seen in the non-atomic gulfman these days.

the first three that were made available came in black, red and white.  the first special edition of this totally new model was a collaboration with the brand in4mation: the glx-5600x-3jr which proved to be a bestseller. in the space of one year three in4mation g-lide models have been released, the latest being the salmon pink glx-5600xa-4jr that followed the gls-5600x-6jr – dubbed in some circles as “purple rain“.

although i have been a fan of the square dw-5600 variants for the longest time, the new square g-lides did not appeal to me initially. i find the display too cluttered with the addition of the tide and moon functions.

in april this year, casio announced five more new square g-lide models. of the five, the one that interested me most is this glx-5600x-3jf. these set of watches were officially released on may 31, 2009 in japan and i am surprised it is already available i singapore (all except the salmon pink in4mation special edition).

the band printing include the word “g-lide” and a floral pattern running along the length of both straps; details which i had not noticed previously in the stock pictures from casio.

the green is highly glossy and i’m pretty sure both the bezel and straps are coated and will eventually peel given enough abuse. for now this seems like a fun and cheery watch to have.


~ by sgshock on June 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “green g-lide glx-5600a-3jf”

  1. Hi Dave,

    That’s a nice score. It would match great with the green GW-400. The red box matches perfectly with the green, no harder contrast possible.

    I’m not sure I’m going to pick up one of htese GLX variants. I very much like the GLX-5500 models that came out recently too.



  2. the light blue glx-5600a looks pretty cool as well. am still unsure if i will pick up that one.

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