tough solar g-5600a-3

in july 2009, casio introduced a whole new line-up of colour variations to the gw-m5600. these were essentially colour updates to the multi-band 5 models: gw-m5600-1jf, gw-m5600bc-1jf and the somewhat limited gw-m5600r-1jf.

available in white, yellow and dark green, it was soon revealed non-atomic versions sporting tough solar will also be available. these became the colour variations for the recently released g-5600e, the refreshed and updated version of the classic dw-5600e.

the dark green g-5600a-3 was my favourite in the set and after picking up the white and yellow versions earlier this week, my regular shop at the bencoolen finally received the the final piece in the collection.

upon receiving the actual watch, i had a pleasant surprise.

the g-5600r-3 has a very lovely and permanent blue/green hue in the display even when the backlight is not activated. this  is reminiscent of the old g-viper g-5600gh-8jf, another watch that is also a classic in collectors’ circles.

the colour of the bezel and straps closely resemble the dw-5600fs-3jf (hero). here’s a quick comparison:

a recap of my recent tough solar acquisitions:


~ by sgshock on August 15, 2009.

9 Responses to “tough solar g-5600a-3”

  1. Hi may I know where do you get your older g shocks from? You mentioned ebay Jap. Is there any particular seller? Searching for dw-5600b-1ajf. Just started collecting gshocks, eyeing most of the reverse lcds. 🙂 thanks in adv

    • hi,

      my older g-shocks are sourced from various places like ebay, yahoo auctions japan and in the watch forums.

      the dw-5600b you are looking for is still available from uk online sellers if i am not mistaken. try or do a search on

      have fun!


  2. Hi Dave,
    did you get the yellow 6900 tough solar at Bencoolen as well?
    I’m looking for it 🙂 mind if you contacted me at Thanks so much!


  3. just picked up g-5600a and riseman g-9200, i really didnt need them but how can one resist such masterpieces??

  4. hi there ,
    nice collection!!
    the g5600A u got it at bencoolen? how much is it?
    plz reply asap thanks.

  5. these are beautiful~!

    next on my checklist~!

  6. the black/dark tough solar looks beautiful~!!!

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