new g-5500ts now available in g-factory singapore

hidden within the pages of the current casio catalog available to retailers are two new g-5500 tough solar models which i missed thanks to the onslaught of the new g-5600 and g-6900 variations.

while window-shopping this evening, i popped into a g-factory (“g-factories” are official casio stores here in singapore) and was surprised to see the dark grey g-5500ts-8 and yellow g-5500ts-9. these are currently selling at the full recommended retail price of about 170sgd.

these watches seem like further extensions to the g-5500 line-up with simple colour variations. they do however feature custom logos in the backlight: the city codes of new york city and tokyo are used in the g-5500ts-8 and g-5500ts-9 respectively.

the two models are currently not featured in the g-shock perfect search archive but some online japanese retailers do carry them.

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~ by sgshock on August 31, 2009.

8 Responses to “new g-5500ts now available in g-factory singapore”

  1. Hi Dave, Great website! just a question, are these G-5500TS limited edition?


    • hi wulf,

      there’s no mention of the production run for these new models.

      my gut feeling is they are. in any case, most g-shock models have limited runs to a certain extent, especially the coloured models…

      the ones that seem to be perennial favourites for constant restocking are the evergreens like the dw-5600e, dw-6900 and i suspect the current black g-5600/g-6900.

  2. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for your input. yes, the dw-5600e model is great! after reading your blog, i was inspired to get one for myself. never regret the purchase, it is a good buy.

    Thanks for your recommendations!

  3. these are out at 3D at bencoolen, go grab them now as they are way cheaper than what you see at the g-factory!

  4. Hi Dave,

    this series remind me to what happened with the G-Phyton series. Suddenly they were everywhere for cool prices and as suddenly they popped up they disapeared from the market. Needles to say I think… I bought the yellow TYO.

    They were sold in Japan too. If I recall right, for about 17000 yen.



  5. next on my checklist too~!!

    just love the greys and darks of these watches… can’t resist…

  6. i have its. i bought it from japan. i’m in indonesia. i bought from store online in japan.

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