mastermind japan x g-shock atomic frogman in the works?

photo © jahan’s blog hosted on hypebeast

“cult japanese label” mastermind japan (mmj) showcased its fall/winter 2009 collection in taipei on august 12 and in attendance were a host of personalities involved in fashion, street culture, entertainment and the like.

singapore-born artist jahan attended the show and posted some pictures on his blog over at hypebeast.

among the installations, art and personalities pictured in the blog was the above frogman!

the new atomic frogman(s) gwf-1000 and gwf-1000b were officially announced on august 27. so is this new special edition really in the works?

from the single picture, it seems this model will have a red tint ala the real black frogman dw-8200bk-1jf.

a custom logo in the backlight seems de riguer for a high-end limited edition such as this and it seems a pair of skull and cross-bones (the mastermind japan logo) are used.

if this collaboration materialises, it will not be the first mmj g-shock. the mastermind japan x g-shock valentine’s boxset comprising a dw-5600 and a dw-6900 was released in february 2008. here’s a recap:

i also had a chance to look into my g-rystal ball and saw the following:

1. hype beasts (–pronoun) hobbling on the streets after selling a kidney (maybe two…) to buy this watch.

2. the usual heated debate about the (de)merits of such a watch, as seen here and here.


~ by sgshock on September 2, 2009.

One Response to “mastermind japan x g-shock atomic frogman in the works?”

  1. cool stuff!!

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