rare sighting: real black dw-9000bk-1v

seeing that i have been plain lazy to snap my own watches these past couple of months, i’ve decided to at least make myself useful and do some g-community service.

fresh from stumbling on the as-yet-unconfirmed mastermind japan atomic frogman, a grail member of a grail series has been spotted on yahoo auctions japan: the dw-9000bk from the very cool real black series.

i believe this is only the second copy of this watch that i’ve seen on yahoo since frequenting the auction site from end 2007.

the previous copy was snapped up by a buyer who subsequently flipped it on ebay; and the last known address of that piece is another collector in singapore who i befriended a few months ago.

at 69,800yen –> 63,000yen, it is pricier than more than a few notable g-shocks i can name offhand: the new atomic frogman, a near mint brazilian frogman gw-200cf, a mint icerc blue jelly frogman gw-202…

to be fair, the dw-9000bk is rarer than the real black mudman dw-8400bk and even more so than the real black frogman dw-8200bk. it was never officially listed in the g-shock perfect search archive, nor any of the g-shock bibles i own.

this is also the first time i have seen the full model number: dw-9000bk-1v : an indication perhaps that this was an export model that was not officially released in japan. the auction description seem to reinforce this too.

to sweeten the deal, the seller is also including an extra set of original straps. “http://www.g-shock.com” was printed on the underside of the retainers in the following real black watches: dw-056bk, dw-069bk.

update: the watch was eventually sold for 59,800yen.


~ by sgshock on September 6, 2009.

5 Responses to “rare sighting: real black dw-9000bk-1v”

  1. Yeah, saw that one on Saturday as well. One of a kind piece but not sure it will fetch even closer to that price. BTW the strap says http://www.gshock.com, it was an international ‘Illuminator’ version, and as you mentioned above never released in Japan.

    • very sharp-eyed mate! i’ll amend my post accordingly.

      i doubt it will sell at that price too.

      the first copy sold for 40,000yen (buy it now) back then and the buyer used fromjapan’s services.


  2. Great to know there is g shock fans site..
    Unfortunately, i’m in Indonesia.
    I’m looking forward to buy new series of G shock frogman mastermind atomic.
    can i get it in singapore store?
    is it available in there?
    Thank you for ur attention.

    • nobody knows if that mastermind japan frogman is only a prototype or an actual watch meant for official release.

  3. Thanx for your confirm bro…
    And what about this dw-9000bk-1v.
    Is it available on Singapore G Shock store?
    Or where i can get it near Indonesia’s.

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