kikuo ibe interviewed

singapore freesheet TODAY carried an interview with the father of g-shock kikuo ibe today.


~ by sgshock on February 13, 2010.

4 Responses to “kikuo ibe interviewed”

  1. i would like to say i am the proud owner of 50 g shocks the most rare and limited editions..i am so proud to own the best rugged watch in the world

  2. I luv gshocks


    AMPLIFYD CONCEPTS comes from a dedicated group of enthusiasts, collectors from all over the world. In remaking and re-imagining what an iconic watch can be, we have truly AMPLIFYD what we feel the original heart and spirit of the timepiece underneath.

    By utilizing the utmost precision and craftsmanship to create cutting edge fits and by imagining the most unique of colorations, platings, designs and ideas we are truly creating very unique limited edition wearable works of art.

    Our customizations are designed and planned constantly. The technique of customization and our pursuit of new and untried ideas means that each execution is limited to its current run and may or may not continue.

  4. The best watch ever!! Gshock is really cool!

    I just find this site featuring Gshock watches from Japan. It seems they offer it at a good price.. Check it out

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