selling my entire collection

after neglecting this blog for the past 18 months, i have taken the decision to sell most of the pieces in my collection.

i may not have time to upload pictures of everything but if there’s a model i’ve blogged about here previously, the pictures are still in the relevant posting. do enquire.

do check out the “watches for sale” page for updates from today.




dw-8400bk-1mjf real black mudman: bnib/nos with original box, japanese manual and hangtag – 700usd

dw-8400bk-1mjf real black mudman: like new condition with generic box – 500usd

dw-8400bk-1mjf real black mudman: like new condition with generic box – 500usd

my most beloved watches in my entire collection is now available for purchase. all threepieces in my collection have never been worn before and have been stored with care.
more info and pictures: here and here.

~ by sgshock on August 14, 2011.

14 Responses to “selling my entire collection”

  1. is yr dw-9800nkj-3jr wademan and dw-9000bm-1sjf for sale… pm me again… Thanks

  2. hi Duncan,

    yes they’re available. i’m sending you an email shortly.



  3. Do you have any riseman or frogman ?

  4. hi Syafaell, i’ve dropped you an email. cheers.

  5. Hi I’m looking for a dbc32c-3b databank watch. It’s in the casio website but not in the color that I want. May I know if you have any or if you know where to find them in sg? Thanks.

  6. hi H,

    am afraid i can’t help you there. only familiar with g-shocks.


  7. Hey there! May I know do you have “GW-7900B-1” the rescue series.
    I’m kinda lost on where to buy this watch. It’s my dream to buy but
    because of the high price $3++ which I saw at tampines mall G-factory
    just cant afford that price as I’m still a student. Is there by any chance you have that model and wish to sell? Hope you reply.

  8. hi.Do you have mastermind piece avaliable for sale?

  9. Hi there,

    are the watches still available? I’m thinking of getting a square g shock. (:


  10. Hi dave. Do you have any more g shock still available for sale. Interested in collecting black & gold edition like the gold defender. Could you please email me the prices. Thanks.

  11. do u have an f91w

  12. seen like there is no more update here.

  13. @Fans, he’s long time gone now…sold most of the collection that he carefully built over the years. This is another proof that collecting G-shocks is pretty much meaningless. They are short-term purchases, made to wear, sell or dispose after few years. I was in the same boat as him, with close to 50 collectible and rare Gs collected from 2008-2012…sold all of them, made some loss or just broke-even…:-(

    • @babola…tell this to SJORS, with over 700 G-shocks (that cost him over US$100,000) and counting, he’s heading for the resin-rot graveyard in coming years…what a waste of money and what a disappointment will it be for him when he’s faced with the facts.

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