about sg-shock

sg-shock serves as a record of my casio g-shock collection.

this blog will also aim to highlight useful information and tools for fans of g-shock watches.

the blog owner can be contacted via email or msn instant messaging at sg.shock@gmail.com

copyright to all images and other content on this blog are owned by dave yang unless otherwise stated.


25 Responses to “about sg-shock”

  1. fantastic pictures you have, nice blog!

    kind regards from spain


  2. An excellent resource with fantastic pics and info!

    Best regards,


  3. thanks guys!

    hope to resume soon.



  4. Very nice blog! I’m a fan of G-shock too, glad too see another Singaporean G-shock fan!

  5. hi beancake,

    thank you for visiting the blog. 🙂

  6. Hey, I’ve added you on MSN! It would be great if you can accept my add! Cheers!

  7. Hey, I’ve added you on MSN! It would be great if you can accept my add! Cheers!

  8. very cool site! Definitely will check it out more! WordPress rules!

  9. thank you got-rice, you are far too kind!

    hope you enjoy looking at the pictures.


  10. Geez! Where did you get those FoxFire 5600s? I want a couple of it too!

  11. Hi, G-shock is really a fantastic watch as compare to other in the performance wise, yet not many people are considered to have one. Some are even misconcept that G-shock anf Baby-G are belong to teenageer groups. Do u hav any comment on this aspect?

  12. Great site, well done.

    Need some advice, just moved from the Pro-trek to the Dw-5600e, my life has changed.., which model will come closest to the dw-5600e but with tough solar, dont need atomic time keeping, there aint such a thing here in the ‘pit”, what can u recommend?

    • hi pleisterplakker,

      firstly, congrats on the dw-5600e. it’s a classic and one my favourites.

      the good news for you is, the g-5600e is the new tough solar version of the dw-5600e. see here. i think they should be available from online retailers soon.

      previously there were older generations of the g-5600 (yes the model numbers have been recycled…).



  13. Thanks alot mate, im running around in the middle-east with the watch, its superb, i need a watch i can trust and this time piece is perfect, keep up the good work and congrats on this super site.

  14. jip me again, g-5600a and g-9200 now in my little but proud collection!

  15. Hi! May I know where I can find all the official Casio watch boutiques in Singapore please? Am looking to get a G-shock soon. Thanks!

  16. Hello I think you will enjoy what I believe will be the Biggest G-Shock athem song world wide I hope you enjoy

  17. Dear All,

    I’m interested to get the mastermind Japan x Ron Herman x G-Shock Frogman. used or new. If you guys interested to sell or know where can I get it, please let me know. Many thanks. email me @ clintonpoh@gmail.com

  18. hello!

    so i ordered a G-Shock Watch, Men’s Red Resin Strap DW6900CB-4 via amazon the other day from watch colony.

    it came in a g-shock box along with a casio user manual and everything. however, i’m not sure if it’s a fake or not. it looks exactly like the ones in pictures i’ve seen online, but on the back, instead of the “g shock” symbol, it say, “shock resistant,” not unlike some of the watches in the pictures you have posted.

    do genuine casio g shock watches sometimes have that on back?

    thank you so much for your help!


  19. Hi Dave,
    I have a Kermit green GW200 Frogman for sale, was thinking of letting it go to you since you’re such an avid fan. Do let me know if you’re interested, thanks!

  20. Hey,please help, I m desperately looking to buy g shock mini in Singapore, I ve been searching the whole of yesterday,
    I ll be in Singapore only another 3 days ( has come for a conference) and staying at hotel grand copthorne waterfront…can somebody give the places to check out

    Pls help
    Dr tradib

  21. Hi, love your site! Do you know where I can get my bezel and strap changed? In Singapore. Thanks!!

  22. Sorry maybe I should be a bit more specific. I’m looking to change bezel and strap for my DW-5925B. Thanks for the help!

  23. Something wrong with me today…it’s 5025B

  24. Hi,I will be in Singapore this April 13-16. where can i find a g-shock mini, GMN-691-7B (white with pink face) for my wife. will also be buying 1 for myself. I was looking at a couple of models..GW6900A-7, GR8900A-7, DW-6900SB-8D or any other model you would suggest. Will be staying near Orchard rd. Thanks.

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