watches for sale

i am finally selling my entire collection of g-shocks. i may not have time to upload pictures of everything but if there’s a model i’ve blogged about here previously, the pictures are still in the relevant posting. do enquire.

all prices inclusive of paypal fees and registered shipping from singapore. tracking number will be issued to buyer.  do check back regularly from now for updates as i consolidate my collection for this.

click on the picture to view a larger version. email me at if you have any questions. cheers.



vintage dw-5600c-9b : unworn since change of bezel and straps, however bezel has discoloured slightly. small scratch on crystal – 150usd. read about the watch and see more pix here.


gw-9200pj-7jf men in ice white riseman : bnib – 350usd

more info here.


dw-9300dj-2t galapagos raysman : bnib/nos with original box and japanese manual – 700usd

the rarest of the raysman series, this one has never been worn by me. sadly the original owner lost the hang-tag. this is your chance to complete the raysman line-up.
more info of this model here.


dw-8400bk-1mjf real black mudman: bnib/nos with original box, japanese manual and hangtag – 700usd

dw-8400bk-1mjf real black mudman: like new condition with generic box – 500usd

dw-8400bk-1mjf real black mudman: like new condition with generic box – 500usd

my most beloved watches in my entire collection is now available for purchase. all three pieces in my collection have never been worn before and have been stored with care.
more info and pictures: here and here.


gw-200bc-1jf black helios frogman460usd

ultra rare black helios frogman in mint condition.

glass is spotless, small mark titanium caseback.

bands are new, with gold buckle signed with the “G” logo. buyer may opt for the stock silver signed buckle if required, i will change it for you.


dw-5600fs-3jf takuya kimura’s “hero” watch350usd

highly sought after watch in japan. in “like new” condition. bezel and bands are new. ships with box only.


dw-9700nc-8t helly hensen nippon challenge cup gulfman (bnib/nos)350usd

dw-9700nc-8t helly hensen nippon challenge cup gulfman (like new with inner box and japanese hangtag) – 300usd

two pieces of these for sale.
one is brand new in original bozes box with japanese manual and hangtag, second piece is in “like new” condition with only original inner box and japanese hangtag.


dw-6600bbob-1ajf bob sapp “the beast” limited edition160usd

brand new in box limited edition. comes with full package with hang tag and manual.


dw-56rts-8jr sophnet x bombonera250usd

brand new in box limited edition. comes with full package with hang tag and manual. numbered 1292/2006.

more background information here.



86 Responses to “watches for sale”

  1. hi im interested with the project team tough 25th anniversary, do you still have that item to be sold? thanks..

  2. Hello.

    I’m looking for WW-5100C-1V may be you have one for sale?

    (watchuseek) amel DW-5XXX

    • hi amel,

      am afraid the watch you are looking for is too rare a beast 🙂

      would love to have it myself too. cheers.

  3. […] some duplicates for sale have decided to put up some duplicates in have in the collection for sale. check them out here. […]

  4. Hi, I am looking for a replacement Module 2016 for DW-9900 Frogman as my EL light does not work. Anyone know were I can buy the module only??

  5. hi ian, i think the only way is to buy used 9900 for the module.

  6. hi, i have a ten yr old dw8400 yellow mudman which is in need of bezel and strap changes. do you know of any websites or sources i can get these parts from? tried sourcing on ebay but there are only sellers having the whole watch instead of the parts. i also tried going to the casio office at middle road before but they told me that the watch is no longer in production so can’t get the parts. watch is still in great working condition. looking forward to your reply, thanks….

  7. Hello, Do you still have the dw-9700k-9t icerc gulfman? I would be very interested in working out a purchase for it if it is still for sale. Please email me back. Thanks!!! – Eric

  8. May I know the dw-5600wc-1jr still available?

  9. Do you still dw-8200bm-1t men in black 2 frogman – 360usd for sales?
    I am interested to buy frogman.

    Thank you.

  10. hi Tay,

    i’ve sent you an email.

  11. Hi there, wonder if you can help me out?

    I have a DW003-Red Jelly and am trying to find a Red Velcro double strap like the one in this forum pic (on the right).

    Any clues on where i can try to find one locally(in Singapore) or on the web?

    Much appreciated.

  12. Hi there,
    I am interestd in the 5600E “Fox fire”. Where can I get them in SG? Would you part with one of your stocks? I am in M’sia.

  13. to joey:

    i can’t the picture you are referring to.

    in any case, you can try calling Casio Singapore: 68832003 or Marco Marketing: 6221 6433.


    to SK:

    the FoxFire dw-5600e is not available in singapore shops.

    please email me at regarding selling you one.


  14. Thanks. Will give them a call.

    Do you know the exact name of the straps or term to refer to the straps?

    And apologies. Seems like i missed the link.

  15. Joey,

    just tell them you need straps. have the model number of your watch ready.

    they will run a quick search and let you know on the spot.

  16. hi,

    i am looking for a casio frog dw-6300 , do you still have any for sale?

  17. hi, i’m desperately looking for a dw8200 bk1 jf ? do u have any for sale?


  19. hi there…
    i’m looking forward to get MASTERMIND X FROGMAN GWF-1000.
    is it available in singapore g shock store?
    thank you.

    • dude, i’ve already replied you in the dw-9000bk comments thread.

      nobody knows if this watch is really gonna be produced for the market.


  20. dw-5600fs-3jf takuya kimura’s “hero” watch still for sale?

  21. I am looking for a black helios frogman watch or one of the new GWF-1000 watches for sale. Do you currently have any. If so, would you please let me with a price via e-mail @

  22. I am also looking for the Mastermind Frogman as well. I have come down to (3) watches, the black helios (Hero), new GWF-1000 and Mastermind. If somebody has them let me know the price with shipping @ Thanks.

  23. Hi, I’m looking for a Gaussman, anyone can help me in Singapore?
    Thanks, pls e-mail me

  24. Hi I am interested in frogman gold GW-200GM-9JF . DO you have any for sale

  25. is there anyone who has the dw 6300 first frog?
    if there is do let me know
    thank you

  26. Hi do you have any real black for sale.
    please email me

  27. Dear All,

    I’m interested to get a DW-8200BK-1JF, please contact me if you have Thank you.

  28. hi do u by any chance know where to get the globe DW5600glb-7?
    do email me at

  29. hi looking for a g shock helly hensen dw9700 nippon challenge in white any help would be great please contact me at

  30. hi there, looking for a yellow frogman DW-6300-9 if you have one.
    Many thanks.

  31. hi, looking for G-Shock Youth Culture AW-582SC-4ADR – WW pink color.
    please contact me

  32. hi, im looking for the New Mastermind x G-Shock Atomic GWF-1000 Frogman do u sell it or have any idea where i can get it at all..?? and if there there another model similar to this that you would recommend? thanks! 🙂

  33. Hi iam looking for 9200MB and 9010MB,can you inform me if you have it? Or maybe give me the information on how to get it? Much appriciated. Thank you

  34. Hi, wondering do you have DW002 for sale? Or do you know of any place selling? Thanks!

  35. hi…i’m danu from indonesia
    i’m interested with your gulfman helly’s tough solar isn’t it.?could you email me if this watch still available..tq

  36. Hi! You mentioned that you have an extra DW-56RTB-3JF (Referee Timer in Green) in your collection. Is it still available? Cos I’m interested in getting one. And how much for it? Looking forward to your reply. Thanks!

  37. Hello

    I have a DW-6300-9 in excellent condition (it is missing the little rubber tab that holds the strap in place) but other than that it is perfect.

    If you are interested in seeing pictures and/or purchasing it, please email me at

    thank you


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  39. Hi, I am interested in getting the white helly hensen gulfman(350usd) Do you ship in the Philippines? THanks

  40. hi JC, yes i do ship to the Philippines. i have sent you an email. cheers.

  41. hi do you have the transformer edition?

  42. hi sam, sorry i do not have the transformer edition. cheers.

  43. hi, i’m interested with your gw-200bc-1jf black helios frogman .could you email me if this watch still available.. and Do you ship in the indonesia?

  44. Can anyone tell me if these G-Shocks ( are genuine?

  45. Is this G-Shock ( genuine?

  46. look ….im kinda confuse here…im interested about the sale and how much is the offer besides knowing wat i want..pls assist me coz i cant get the details i wanted….pls email me as im a genuine buyer n i want it immediately…

  47. Hi, do u still have the yellow 5700? If yes, how much are u letting it go for? thanks.

  48. hye,
    i ‘m looking g-shock grey dw-003-8,
    anyone want to sell it?

  49. Hi, do you still have the Riseman ( White ) ? How much in Singapore Dollars ? Can text me at 84591544….Thanks

    • hi, am looking for bezel / shell for raysman gold. if anyone have / know, please tell me. thanks

  50. Could you please update what still are available? Thanks

  51. hi you got sell g shock stussy 30th anniversary??

  52. Hi,
    Do you have any Frogman’s left for sale?

  53. What are still available? Thank you!

  54. Do you still have the MUDMANs DW8400s available for sale? I only live in Anchorvale.

  55. any 5600c stilla available?

  56. Ur white gulfman still for sale? If yes SMS me at 97739621

  57. Sir,

    Do you still have any of the frogman watches for sale? Thanks…

    I am very interested and serious. My number is +63 915 201 6507, and I will gladly contact you directly by e-mail if you send me an sms.


  58. Hi! Let me know What are still available for you collection! You can email me with pic or contact me at +6582289229

  59. Could you email me with a few tips about how you made your blog site look this cool, I would be thankful.

  60. Hello, I am interested in your vintage dw-5600c-9b
    Is it still available?

  61. Hi are your items still available? can you send me the list of available items, i really am interested. please e-mail me at the soonest possible time. thanks

  62. Do you sell this g-shock model called GA-110SN?

  63. Ur gulfman Nippon still avail?

  64. Hi,do you have your Casio DW-8500 Codename?? Are you selling this??

  65. If you are selling the 5625 dawn black pls let me know 9747 6780

  66. Hi, can you provide an updated list of watches still available for sales? You can put the updated date on the headline. Thanks!

  67. Hi, Love the G-Shock collection. I’m a starting collector myself and am very interested in finding some of the rare “almost” one of a kind limited models we cannot find or avail here in the Philippines. If you could send me an updated list of your models for sale, it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  68. Hi Dave,
    I am interested on your Casio DW-9700-NC-87 ( NOS ). Do you still have it?


  69. Hi all im selling brand new this model gshock -$130 sgd
    limited piece pls contact me

    Ian -98171062

  70. HI..just want to ask which model is still available? pls email me at this address :…thanks

  71. Hi, interested in the DW-5600FS-3JF, email me…

  72. Hi Dave, i know i’m kinda late, just wondering if u still have any gshocks left for sale… hit me up if u do with the remaining ones. THanks and god bless 🙂

  73. Hi i wish to buy g shock dw-56rts-8jr sophnet x bombonera .pm me at 96364910


  74. Hi I want to know which models are available now. Please contact me

  75. Hi, are your Black Helios, MIRB and Real Black for sale? I am in SG too

  76. Hi I am looking for g shock g-2300gm-9 .in Singapore can get?
    Contact no: 96364910

  77. hi ,i’m looking for DW_8100_3 old model g shock,let me know if thare is stock avail

  78. Hi. Im looking into selling my gshock edifice redbull edition. Do you know if any shops are looking into buying it?

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